Are there any benefits from smoking marijuana through a vaporizer?

by Buddy Vapesit

Question by iHRTmyFG2: Are there any benefits from smoking marijuana through a vaporizer?
What is the difference in smoking a blunt and through a vaporizer? Is there a difference if so plz tell me. Does it cheat lung cancer, kill less brain cells, or odor less. What is the best vaporizer i will benefit from if i chose to smoke out of a vaporizer. (Research Paper) Thanks for all the answers.

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Answer by lirrik
as long as you inhale the smoke, you will get high.
the links between smoking pot and lung cancer are not very well studied to get in depth answers.
it may odor less,though i have never used one.

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camelhopper June 6, 2010 at 5:10 am

First of all, there has never been a documented case of lung cancer that has developed because of marijuana smoking. And marijuana does not kill brain cells.

But the smoke from marijuana can cause some respiratory problems. Vaporizers do eliminate this factor completely. A vaporizer delivers only the desired compounds (THC/CBD) without combustion. No combustion, no smoke, and less odor.

A vaporizer is much more efficient as well. So you need less plant material to reach your desired level. From what i hear, the Volcano Vaporizer is the best on the market. You can see one being used in the movie ‘Super High Me’

Nicole June 6, 2010 at 5:27 am

want to know the truth about marijuana? watch this movie.

*addition* it is a pro-marijuana movie with many valid points.

Alex June 6, 2010 at 5:35 am

The difference between smoking a blunt and vaporizing is the heat applied.Blunts and joints tend to burn around 450F.This is bad because marjuana has a boiling point of 392F.Beyond this point will BURN off D9THC instead of boiling off.You loose alot more THC top the flame then your cannabinoid receptors.Vapourizers can heat marijuana to an EXACT point of heat.
Benifits from a vapourizer include decreased levels of carcinogens,increased level of THC in your system(so many benifits from this it isnt funny),and you get more of the taste of the marijuana instead of smoke and you can enjoy the thousands of different strains of marijuana more like a conisueir instead of a pot head.
Best vaporizer depends on what you want from a vaporizer.The basic thing it needs is a heat source that will not exceed to 392F but if you want other aroma therapy other plants require higher and lower amounts of tempeture.So adjustable heat source is good investment. Stay away from vaporizers that require a fire source! Its about the indivdual needs.

Now stoner bashing time….

Lirrik- you still have odor because it is a substance that gives off a scent when heated.Its like saying vaporizing your hair wont smell.

Potent-Tobacco papers does not get you a tobacco high too.If we named them “death” papers does that mean you die too?All tobacco and blunt papers contain no nicotine which gives you the “tobacco high”.Blunts even though they are cancer sticks i must agree great source of flavor when cheap weed is all you got.

Camelhopper-There have many studies done and many logical points that SMOKING marijuana produces cancer.But marijuana can be vaporized and eaten without producing carcinogens.Its all about the wording.Most marijuana laws arent passed because the legislative branch is only educated the risk of SMOKING marijuana.But suppose they were exposed to alternative methods of injestion of THC….
And marijuana does stop SOME hippocampal cell death( so in reality it actually….

Hope you can use some of my knowledge to transform the uneducated minds of the benifits of marijuana.

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