Uses For The Volcano Vaporizer

by Buddy Vapesit

Uses For The Volcano Vaporizer

A vaporizer is a device commonly used to release medicinal drugs from plant material, although it can also be used for tobacco or to release certain therapeutic compounds from herbs and other plants, a practice now commonly known as phyto-inhalation (also know as aromatherapy).

For medical or recreational cannabis users, vaporizing is an alternative to smoking. Rather than burning the plant material, a vaporizer heats it enough (typically around 180 degrees Celsius) so that the psychoactive and medicinal constituents contained in the plant’s oily glandular secretions melt and phase into an aromatic vapor that does not contain the particulate matter (tars) found in the smoke.

With less or no smoke formed, and a cooler temperature (hot dry vapor has been demonstrated to still irritate the throat and upper respiratory tract), the irritating or harmful effects of smoke and associated intoxicants are greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Yes, the Volcano Vaporizer is the most expensive vaporizer on the market, but there are many great and valid reasons as to why this is the case. So let’s ask why this is the Mercedes-Benz of vaporizers?

1. Top-quality material and craftsmanship. It’s German engineering at its finest. You think the Germans are good at manufacturing cars? Then take a look at the Volcano Vaporizer.

2. Valve technology – Unlike any other vaporizer out there, the whole concept behind the Volcano Vaporizer is to separate the inhaling device from the actual vaporizer components. With the Volcano Vaporizer, you can detach the balloon and inhale at your own leisure.

3. 3-year warranty. – The manufactures are so confident in their craftsmanship; they offer a 3 year warranty on any mechanical malfunctions. Find another vaporizer manufacturer that offers that kind of support!

4. You can’t burn your herbs – The Volcano Vaporizer doesn’t go above 450 degrees, so burning your herbal products is next to impossible.

5. Unmatched Temperature control – The dial on the Volcano Vaporizer allows you to adjust the temperature at will. Low-end vaporizers only have one heat setting, which means you’re stuck with the same temperature no matter what you’re vaporizing.

6. Patented Technology – The technology behind the Volcano Vaporizer is so unique, and ahead of its time, it’s one of the few, if only, vaporizers protected by a patent.

7. Incredible Safety – The Volcano Vaporizer has already gained reputation among experts as the most technically advanced and professional vaporizers available. Precision, reliability, and safety are the reasons the Volcano Vaporizer was built.

Just by those seven reasons alone, you can see why so many people are using the Volcano Vaporizer as their selected choice for many great reasons. Outside of the price, you will save on your herbs and aromas as well as the amazing health benefits this product can give anyone who uses it over other traditional methods.

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