Homemade Vaporizer

by Buddy Vapesit

CHECK THIS GUY OUT — HILARIOUS youtube.com CHECK THIS GUY OUT — HILARIOUS forum.grasscity.com Check out the instructions here, with an explanation and picture on how to actually USE this device. ———————————- My own personal way of making a light bulb vaporizer, letting you quickly and easily change the light bulb. All you need ———— Water Bottle Light bulb Scissors Salt Electrical tape (or duct tape) Make a removeable head joint and easily join it to a light bulb. Then when that light bulb gets nasty, easily pop the head joint onto a new one! This is my own special way of making the head joint so that it’s not taped to the light bulb, but still stuck on nice! Saves alot of time being able to re-use the head joint. Vaporize in style!
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