The Benefits of Vaporizers and Your Health

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The Benefits of Vaporizers and Your Health

Herbal vaporizers have revolutionized the lives of smokers by offering a healthier alternative to smoking. Herbal vaporizers allow the user to inhale the active ingredient of an herb without actually burning the plant material. When a plant is burned, harmful carcinogens, tar, and toxic chemicals are released in addition to the active ingredients of the herb. When the smoke is inhaled, the chemical toxins damage the lungs and respiratory system so that cancer, emphysema, and other lung problems can develop.

An herbal vaporizer is heat controlled and warms the herb to an exact temperature below the point of combustion. As a result, the active ingredients are turned to a misty, aromatic vapor, which contains only a minimal amount of tar and carcinogens. Patients who use an herbal vaporizer versus smoking have a significantly lower risk of developing respiratory problems.

The vaporized ingredients can then be directly inhaled or stored temporarily in a balloon-type container and inhaled later, depending on the type of vaporizer you use. When you allow the vapor to cool in a balloon-type storage bag, it does not burn your lungs when inhaled. The vapor can be stored conveniently in the holding bag and detached for later use. Hence, vaporizing provides a healthier alternative to the smoker, while still receiving the benefits of the herb.

To use an herbal vaporizer, you place the herb on the heating device and heat it to the temperature where the plant turns to vapor, and only a minimal amount of plant waste remains. At the point of vaporization, the medicinal properties or active ingredients are released. When the active ingredients are released, they are in their purest form, which allows for the maximum efficiency and saves money. You need less of the plant material to give the same effect versus smoking, where much of the active ingredients are burned and wasted.

Vaporizing plants and herbs is an odorless process, so it does not offend others with second-hand smoke. Herbal vaporizers allow the user to have the experience of smoking without any harmful effects. The plant material is heated to a point before combustion, and the heating unit is designed to control the temperature. The temperature of the vaporizer is much lower than the point of combustion, where harmful carcinogens, toxins, and tar are released. As the plant material turns to vapor, a holding chamber is filled with the aromatic mist.

When vaporized, the pure extract of the herb is released and the solid plant residue is left behind. Regular maintenance and cleaning are required after each use of an herbal vaporizer. After the herb is vaporized, the remaining plant material should be removed from the inside of the vaporizer. This plant material may coat the inside walls of the vaporizer and stick there due to the dampness of the vapor. If the unit is not cleaned properly, it will affect the purity, taste and odor during the vaporizer’s next use.

Herbal vaporizers are available in many different shapes and sizes, depending on its intended use. There are vaporizers designed for personal use that are small, easily transported, and can be used almost anywhere, or larger vaporizers that are used to fill an entire room with aromatic vapor. The essential oils used in a room vaporizer have mood-altering properties that can calm, heal, or inspire the user. Herbal vaporizers save money, protect the lungs from smoke inhalation, are convenient to use, and provide all the benefits of the essential ingredients of the herbs that are vaporized.

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