Herbal Vaporizer Basics

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Herbal Vaporizer Basics

Herbal vaporizers are used mainly to heat different kinds of plant materials like eucalyptus, chamomile, sage, lavender, and even tobacco or legal cannabis herbs. Generally, there are three methods of heating the herbs directly or with using hot air. The Iolite Portable Vaporizer utilizes the first method which is known as thermal conduction. The plant materials are placed directly on a metal plate or other heating element that varies per herbal vaporizer. The second method is using hot air in heating the herbs. This is known as convection. Forced air vaporizers may also be used just like the Volcano Vaporizer. Thermal radiation is the third method wherein herbs are heated through the use of light. Once the herbs are heated to the temperature before its combustion point, the active ingredients transform into vapor and they get released into a storage bag or through an inhalation tube for direct vaporization experience.


Vaporizer bags or balloons allow storing of vapor for future use. This is one of the features of the Volcano Vaporizer. Herbal vaporizers are now being more preferred than traditional ways of smoking plant materials because of the reduced side effects to a person’s health. The common side effect of traditional smoking is inhalation of harmful elements such as carbon monoxide, tar, and other carcinogens. They even say that second-hand smoking is more dangerous. Since a lot of states have already banned smoking in public areas, many smokers have resorted to vaporizers as an alternative. Vapor inhalation is not banned, anyways, since it is safe and does not have any harmful effects to the public since there is no second hand smoke produced.


Nevertheless, be mindful still of laws specific to your area. When getting a herbal vaporizer, make sure you know the temperature the vaporizer will need to be heated. If the temperature levels are low, vapors do not usually have the active ingredients of the herbs. Instead, low heat produces vapor that are mainly aroma therapeutic. If there are no active ingredients, it translates to an absence of physiological reaction. Needless to say, active ingredients will be found in the vapor when the temperature is high enough. The active ingredients come out at different levels of heat based on the type of herb that is being heated.


At this high temperature level, though, aromatic vapors have been emitted already and may not be present anymore. Many believe that the herbal vaporizer needs to be heater first at low heat then gradually increasing to the desired level. This way, aromatic vapors plus the active ingredients will be combined well. Also take into consideration how fast the vaporizer can cool down. Keeping the vaporizer warm may be harmful for the bronchial tubes and throat. Cool down process of some vaporizers allows inclusion of water moisture in the vapor. Thus, the user can inhale moist and cool vapor which is definitely not irritating. Although, be careful with condensation as well, which happens when water vapor cools excessively or if it is left sitting too long.

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