Box Vaporizer versus Volcano Vaporizer: Which is the better Vaporizer?

by Buddy Vapesit

by MargiL

Box Vaporizer versus Volcano Vaporizer: Which is the better Vaporizer?

These two kinds of vaporizers are probably just the ones that I see too much on review sites, but nevertheless here it is, the fight of the century. We are now matching up the Box vaporizer and the Volcano vaporizer in a contest to see which of these two is more efficient and to see which vaporizer can appeal the most to the eyes of herbal vaporizer users.

Box vaporizers are a type of vaporizers that you can easily use by slightly vacuuming the grinded herbs into the end of the pipe where the mouthpiece is. Then after turning the vaporizer on, you just basically have to wait for couple of minutes, and you can just hit on the vaporizer by sucking the mouthpiece at the other end of the pipe.

Volcano vaporizers, on the other hand, needs a heatproof bag to collect the vapor before you can start vaping, and the relatively large size of the heatproof bag when filled with vapor can somehow obstruct a specific area in the room, making it unusable in packed rooms like dormitories.

Box vaporizer: 1, Volcano vaporizer: 0

Box vaporizers are exclusively used for vaping, you simply heat the herb up, and suck the vapor using a tube. Volcano vaporizers on the other hand, can be used in many ways than just storing vapor for inhalation. For example, Volcano vaporizers are used to store vapors of herbs and spices to be used on foods to enhance flavors that would otherwise be dissolved during the cooking process. So all in all, a Volcano vaporizer is more versatile than a Vapor Brothers vaporizer.

Box vaporizer: 1, Volcano vaporizer: 1

Most box type vaporizers very affordable, as it uses very simple mechanisms to heat the herb for vaporizing. Additionally, the simple design also warrants them to be mass produced easily, clearly cutting off costs. A Volcano vaporizer though, uses semi-complicated mechanisms to heat the herbs, as some digital models even provide digital thermometers in them that dictate just how expensive they are compared to the simpler designs of other vaporizers.

Box vaporizer: 2, Volcano vaporizer: 1

Box vaporizers are exclusively for home use, and you can only transfer them to another place if there’s a nearby electrical socket to which you can plug it into, whereas in a Volcano vaporizer, you can basically leave the room and go around the house while vaping, as long as the heatproof bag still has some vapor stored in it.

Box vaporizer: 2, Volcano vaporizer: 2

Well, what do you know, it’s a tie. It seems that these two vaporizers are just equal in terms of servicing capabilities, and in providing that quality vapor truly fit for inhalation. So I guess you can choose any of these then? Or choose both? But whatever you choose, you are sure that these two vaporizers can satisfy your everyday vaping needs.

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