How the Volcano Vaporizer Can Save You Money

by Buddy Vapesit

How the Volcano Vaporizer Can Save You Money

In this post i want to talk a bit about the biggest disadvantage of the Volcano Vaporizer, the price!

Lets face it, thats a whole lot of dough. I remember when i first heard about a smoking device that costs more than 500 dollars i thought this was ridiculous.

But let’s see what actually justifies the high price of this device.

The Volcano Vaporizer is a high-quality device made in Germany. Storz & Bickel is so confident with the quality of their product that they offer a three-year warranty on every Volcano Vaporizer they sell. Thats a great service, even though i have yet to hear about a case where the volcano gets broken. If you have seen the Volcano device in real you may have noticed that its built very solidly and i dont think you can destroy it that easily. Unfortunately i dont have the financial ressources to put the Volcano device to the test and see how much stress and damage it can actually endure. I’d rather enjoy my Volcano a bit more. Now if someone donates me the money i would go out, buy a seperate Volcano Vaporizer and see how much damage it can handle, but i dont think thats gonna happen too soon.

But apart from the high quality that justifies the price of the Volcano Vaporizer there is another factor that should not be underestimated. The vaporization method is superior to combustion in terms of effectiveness. This means you need less plant material to get the desired effect. Try it! You will be surprised how little herb you need to get the desired effect from it, its way fewer than smoking.

Another nice side-effect of the vaporization method is that you can re-use the plant material because it doesnt get destroyed in the process, like it would with combustion. You can re-use the same herbs 3-4 times and still get an effect, even though it gets weaker every time of course. When the plant material turns brown-ish then you should stop re-cycling it. When it turns black thats a sign you’ve overdone it.

So if you are a regular user and take these two facts into account you may realize that in the long run you can actually SAVE money with the Volcano Vaporizer!

But i dont want you to believe me this. I want you to go to your next headshop that lets you try out the Volcano Vaporizer and see for yourself. Check out how much plant material you need to use and how many times you can re-cycle it, seriously give it a try! You will propably be as amazed as i was when i discovered this the first time.

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