They have a vaporizer for cannabis, could it be used for tobacco instead?

by Buddy Vapesit

Question by ghost: They have a vaporizer for cannabis, could it be used for tobacco instead?
I don’t smoke cannabis. For one thing it’s illegal, and also it gives me paranoia. I also am given UA’s, and that doesn’t play well with using something like that. But I smoke cigarettes. Could using a vaporizer with tobacco give you the same feeling as smoking cigarettes, without doing harm to your lungs?

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Answer by phishfour
Yes you can.

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The Badfish August 2, 2010 at 5:10 pm

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but no. A vaporizer works by heating the cannabis and turning the THC in it into vapor, which is what you inhale. When you vaporize, it does not burn the cannabis, and therefore you don’t get any of the harmful effects that come with inhaling burnt plant matter. Nicotine is much denser than THC, and has a much higher vaporization temperature. A vaporizer is specially made to vaporize THC, and only heats up to the temperature necessary to vaporize THC, and would not work with nicotine. You could, however, smoke your tobacco with a bong. Not only would it still give you the cigarette feeling, but it is a lot better for your lungs, because the water filters out a lot of the harmful materials that tobacco companies put into cigarettes. Hope this was helpful!

Golden August 2, 2010 at 5:52 pm

a silly idea. pot vaporizers are designed to deliver the drug component (thc) in pot. the taste is changed dramatically. so using a vaporizer with tobacco would eliminate the flavorful smoke of your tobacco and dramatically alter the taste. but all the chemicals would come in more potently. since we smoke primarily for the flavor, and all the chemicals are nothing but a hazard, you just end up poisoning yourself.

“the same feeling as smoking cigarettes?” there are no true benefits to smoking cigarettes. that “feeling” you get is simply lack of oxygen in the blood stream, and nicotine poisoning.

peetr August 2, 2010 at 6:17 pm

Yes some people use tobacco. Even the flavored Hookah tobacco mixes.
However, depending of what you usee, it’s believed that you could inadvertently ingest too much nicotine; possibly toxic levels; and have heart palpitations or worse.
In addition the tarry residue, even more with the flavored mixes, fouls up the vaporizer.
Inadvisable I say.

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