Is a vaporizer better than smoking out of a regular pipe or bong?

by Buddy Vapesit

Question by Jacob: Is a vaporizer better than smoking out of a regular pipe or bong?
only answer if its weed cause honestly i dont care about tobacco. i know what a vaporizer does and i know its easier on your lungs, but i wanna know does it get you more high or high faster or can you unhale more? stuff like that. and if your against drugs and have a lecture than im not even gonna pay any attention to it so why post it?

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Answer by Wanda
because when you light weed, only like 40% of the THC is accessable. the rest is lost in heat (its the same way with gasoline in a car).
but in a vaporizer, your only heating it up, not directly lighting it on fire, thus none is lost in heat.

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kyle g July 26, 2010 at 12:05 am

Smoking from a vaporiser is better im many ways.

Yes it will get you higher, you exhale less THC then when smoked. This is because the moisture level is higher in vapor causing the THC molecules to stick the the walls of your lungs faster. You will also save yourself a lot of weed due to the less amount needed to feel the effects and nearly 90% of the THC that is vaporized enters your lungs and into your body. When smoked out of the pipe you are only using at most 65% of the THC.

using a vaporizer actually gives you a slightly different high because when the weed is smoked (LIT ON FIRE) you are smoking the carcinogens also which contribute the the effects of the THC (many in a negative way). It is only THC that is being evaporated thus you get the effects of the THC and nothing else. The high is much more calming and mellow to me.


Please enjoy your self my friend


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