Q&A: What medical purposes can an herbal vaporizer be used for?

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Question by J-Grass: What medical purposes can an herbal vaporizer be used for?
i have decided to get a vapor brothers vaporizers for marijuana purposes but i realized this device is used for other things medical. i have spring allergies and was wondering if a vaporizer can help and what herb can i use?? can this also be used for sore throats??
a herbal vaporizer releases the substances in certain material like herbs for medical reasons to be inhaled

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Answer by Taylor A
wait so you want to use vapor rub for your weed huh?…im lost

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odone July 13, 2010 at 12:37 pm

I have never heard a vaporizer being used for other than smoking marijuana – which is one of the best way to smoke it if you are using for medical purposes, along with the volcanoe.

I don’t believe any other herbs have the crystals that are burned while using the vaporizer so I don’t see why you would try it with other herbs than marijuana.

I wouldn’t use it for soar throats unless you have used a vaporizer before and know the limit when enhaling – you could make your throat worst otherwise!! lol

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