Q&A: How efficient is a Volcano Vaporizer, and does it save bud?

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Question by nikolai: How efficient is a Volcano Vaporizer, and does it save bud?
I’m an avid cannabis smoker and am looking into a Volcano Vaporizer (Classic Model, solid valve).
I am curious exactly how much more efficient the vap is, and how much bud you save with it.

No anti-marijuana bull either, I’m tired of getting those when I ask.

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Answer by Mratt54
Get it, you won’t be disappointed. As for me after i vaporise i save the buds for a dry spell. All-thought most of the thc is gone after vaporising there is still small amounts left in the actual bud itself depending on how long you originally vaporised for. As for how much bud it will save you…just think of it this way…i smoke my $hitt twice…

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peetr July 2, 2010 at 11:47 pm

First, the Volcano has a lot of fans; but I’ve never met someone who didn’t prefer the whip style, Vapor Brothers Vaporizer, if they used it properly. The Volcano is noisy, and the vapor is a little stale. The VaporBrothers is faster, cleaner and stronger than any other method.

Most of the other vaporizers are just knockoffs of one of those two. Knockoffs usually suck. Either they don’t last or they smell of burning glue or plastic. The knockoffs always say they are the same, but they’re not.

Go to the website for more info on what comes with the VaporBrothers Vaporizer, and youtube.com for tutrorials for all the different kinds.

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